At my NH quality rated "Licensed Plus" child care home, your child has the opportunity to grow in a warm, caring and safe environment. I believe children are curious, open-minded, honest, and accepting. My goals are to give children a sense of self worth, to feel confident and secure by helping them develop at their own individual pace while learning basic skills. I believe children are our most precious and important resource, worthy of respect, and to be valued for their individual uniqueness.

My developmentally appropriate program activities are designed to meet the needs of diverse ages and developmental levels in a mixed age group of children, while nurturing creativity and self-esteem. All children are encouraged to participate in activities to develop their whole body coordination, hand-eye coordination, expressive language and listening skills.

Play is a vital component of my program. I believe play is children's work. I believe play is exploring, experimenting, and joyful. Play is the process through which each child discovers and develops an understanding of the world. I think learning through play supports the development of social skills such as sharing, cooperation, generosity and empathy.

I set limits for children; they quickly learn the daily routine, and what is expected of them as a group. I teach through modeling appropriate behavior, praising fine behavior, friendly behavior and reward children with smiles and hugs. I encourage the children to solve problems in their own relationships and interactions, and I am always there to assist them to find solutions if needed.