Agreement Options

Crystal Skinner Child Care offers prospective clients a choice between two contractual agreements for enrollment in Crystal Skinner Child Care.

The first option is a Regular Provider-Parent Agreement which entitles those who pay Crystal Skinner Child Care for Holidays and Vacation weeks, a lower weekly payment rate for 52 weeks. This is essentially a budget plan.

The second option is an Alternate Provider-Parent Agreement which is used for children enrolled for temporary or short term child care and for those parents who choose to not pay Crystal Skinner Child Care for Holidays, Illness/Personal Days, and Vacation weeks when the business is closed. Parents must pay for all scheduled days regardless of attendance.

The Drop In Agreement should be on file with paperwork for children who I have met. Parents may call in advance to inquire if time is available for their child to attend child care on a specific day.

Please see our tuition information for more detail.

All Agreements can be printed via PDF or viewed below: